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Probation Terms

Plea with Probation - Conditions of Probation

    If you agree to be placed on Probation, you are agreeing to be sentenced to jail, so the judge will order a jail term, but suspend the jail time for the period of the probation. The jail sentence is probated (suspended) as long as you satisfy the terms put forth in the term of your Community Supervision (Probation) order. While on probation, you must follow your conditions of probation as set forth in your terms of probation.  If you do not follow these conditions, the Judge may revoke your probation and put you in jail for the full term of the original sentence or change the terms of probation.

Requirements of Probation

The Judge may require these conditions to be placed upon you during your probationary period.  The Judge may also at any time during the period of probation alter or modify the conditions of probation.  The following conditions of probation are conditions that may be placed upon you in all types of offenses.

  • Financial Obligations

    • Pay your fine during the term of your probation.

    • Pay your court costs within the time frame required.  Court costs will vary depending upon the circumstances of your case.

    • Employment:  You must maintain or seek suitable employment during the probationary period.

  • Support Your Dependants:  You will be ordered to support any dependants

  • You will be required to successfully complete a State approved Drug Educational program at your own expense. Failure to complete this class as assigned within 180 days of the conviction will result in a driver’s license revocation.

  • Residence:  You must permit the probation officer to visit you at your residence.  You may be ordered to stay within the State of Texas or even within a specific county during probation.  When taking trips, you may have to get permission from your probation officer.  Further, you are required to report anytime you move to probation within 5 days.

  • Support Your Dependants:  You may be ordered to support any dependants.

  • No Alcohol:  You may be ordered to not possess or consume any alcohol in your home or go to any place that sells or serves alcohol. In Collin County, these requirements are generally imposed, but not in most counties.

  • Monthly Reporting:  You will be ordered to report to your probation officer, usually at least once every month.  Random drug screening tests at your expense should be expected periodically when you report during your term of probation.  As you progress through the program, this monthly reporting requirement is likely to be eased or dropped altogether, but it will continue at least until you have completed the other requirements of the terms of your probation.

  • You must commit no crimes in Texas or in any other State.

  • Community Service:  You may be required to perform Community Service.  This is a program where you work for approved non profit agencies for free. Community Service should be performed at a rate of a certain number of hours per week a diectedd by the probation department.  

  • Restitution:  If there was damage to someone, such as collision damages, you or your insurance company will be required to remedy that damage or prove that your insurance company is handling the damages before you are eligible for probation.

  • Urinalysis Testing:  At your probation officers discretion, you can be compelled to give a sample of your breath, blood, or more commonly your urine to determine the presence of any alcohol or drugs, and you will have to pay for the test.

  • CATS – Drug Evaluation:  You will be required to submit to this evaluation to see if there is a probability of you committing an offense again in the future and/or to disclose a potential problem with alcohol or drug abuse.  This evaluation is at your expense. We recommend a group of counselors that we know to be experienced and have integrity, because this requirement can result in additional requirements being imposed. There is a suspicion that some evaluators use this evaluation to recommend additional counseling with their agency solely to line their pockets. The results of this evaluation can create an expanded probation that requires you to attend more counseling or education over and above the ones outlined in this article.

  • The Court may impose any other conditions of probation as it deems appropriate, but the above are the conditions generally imposed.