Family Place

Family Place:  Dallas, Texas

Phone:  214-692-8295


BIPP Program:            Intake Orientation                   $40.00

                                   Group Sessions                      $25.00 each session


Battering Intervention and Prevention Program

Individuals trying to change their violent behavior can access specialized group counseling services at the Family Place’s BIPP office (214-692-8295).  The Family Place provides BIPP services at different locations across Dallas County including North East Dallas, South Dallas, Oak Cliff and Irving.  BIPP is fully accredited by the State of Texas Department of Criminal Justice Criminal Justice Assistance Division and staff work closely with the criminal justice system to provide court-ordered counseling services to the community.  Voluntary clients are also served through this fee-based program.


Individuals may call and ask for an intake orientation.  The intake orientation is offered three times a week and the individual only needs to attend one orientation.  The orientation is a 2 ½ hour long session at a cost of $40.00.


After the intake orientation is completed, then the individual must decide what group he/she would like to join.  The Family Place has 18 groups in which to choose from.  The cost of a group session is $25.00 each session.  Group sessions are offered in English and Spanish for both Men and Women.  A participant must attend 24 sessions (36 hours) to successfully complete the program.