Family Violence Educational Courses and Community Service Opportunities available in the North Texas area: 


Family Violence Courses:

Court Ordered Classes:  This website is for those who need to take court ordered courses in the State of Texas as a requirement of a court order, as a request of their employer, or for other personal reasons.  This program offers court approved domestic violence classes, anger management classes, battery classes, and deferred entry of judgment classes all online.

        Court Ordered Class (online classes) Information/Phone for more info:  661-312-0392:

·         The Domestic Violence Class and the Battery Class follow the same curriculum except for a couple of things.  The Battery Class contains a couple of extra sections of information regarding restraining orders and abiding by restraining orders (keeping away from the victim).

·         Cost:  The online Battery classes & the Domestic Violence classes are priced as follows:  for 1 hour of class time:  $35.00 per class; for 10 hours of class time:  $300.00; for 26 hours of class time:  $750.00; and for 52 hours of class time:  $1,450.00.  There is no registration fee for either one of these classes.  The classes may either be paid for on a weekly basis at $35.00 for one hour of class time or you may pay all of the fee upfront and save money (example 10 hours of class time:  $300.00 for 10 hours which you save $50.00).  You must take a minimum of 10 hours in order to receive a certificate of completion.

·         Proof of enrollment is mailed out the next business day to the participant and a copy of this report will also be mailed out to the Court, the Probation Department or the District Attorney.

·         Letter to the Judge:  The participant may print out this letter and provide it to the Judge or their attorney.  It describes the exact nature of the program.

·         Proof of Completion Certificate:  will be mailed out to you and the Court upon completion of the classes.

·         If the Court does not accept this program – they will refund the money if full as long as you have written proof of the decline.


BIPP Online Modules:  The Texas Council on Family Violence has developed a set of self-directed, online training modules.  They cover a variety of topics that are relevant to the BIPP programs (Battering Intervention and Prevention Program).  The BIPP online modules contain three categories including BIPP Basics, BIPP Skill Building, and BIPP Best Practices.


Hope’s Door:  Hope's Door is a shelter and counseling center that offers comprehensive programs and services that are designed to help break the cycle of domestic violence. Hope's Door provides direct intervention and prevention services to Texas families affected by domestic violence in Collin County, Dallas County, and surrounding areas.  This program is not offered online.
Anger Management Classes:  Anger management classes usually range from 8 to 12 hours per the Collin County Probation Department.  The following are a couple of good places that offer Anger Management Classes:
                 Bee Services (214-458-5000):  They have classes in Allen, Plano, McKinney, & Dallas.  They require 12
        hours and the cost is $100.00 or $25.00 a week.  The classes are on Monday nights from 6:00 to 9:00 p.m. for
        four weeks. 
                 Nathaniel Smith (214-205-0237):  Mr. Smith offers an anger management class out of Richardson, Texas.


Community Service Opportunities:

* The Collin County Probation Department has recommended some places with whom you could do your community service.  These places are as follows:
            City of Princeton:  972-734-2416
            Collin County Public Works:  972-548-3701
            Chase Oaks Golf Course:  972-517-7777
            Texas Pure (In Melissa, Texas):  972-838-9218
                **These places should provide a two for one (meaning you work one hour and get credit for two hours).  You can contact each place and they will advise you of what type of work that they have available and when. 

The Texas Advocacy Project:  The Texas Advocacy Project operates five separate hotlines that provide help to victims.  These hotlines include the Family Law Hotline, the Sexual Assault Hotline, the Family Violence Hotline, the Technical Advocacy Hotline and the Teen Justice Hotline.  They have a great number of volunteer opportunities for many different types of educational, professional, and life experience backgrounds.


Volunteer McKinney Center:  The Volunteer McKinney Center provides an online volunteer match program, ongoing education opportunities, consultation for organizations served, a youth board and youth programming, and a volunteer driven home rehab program.  The program educates potential volunteers about available opportunities to serve.


Plano Volunteer Opportunities:  This website provides information on volunteer opportunities in Plano and its surrounding area. 


2010 Community Resource List:  This resource list provides information on different agencies within the Plano Community and the Metroplex.