Children First

Children First:  Dallas County

Phone:  972-264-0604

Batterer Intervention Prevention Program (BIPP)

Children First BIPP groups utilize the nationally recognized Duluth Model Curriculum.
This is a psycho-educational approach designed specifically for interventions with men struggling with abusive behavior in an intimate relationship. This model focuses on the power/control issues, which is the dynamic that drives abusive behavior. The groups are designed for an average of 10 members and are facilitated by a licensed master level clinician. Each person completes a 1 ½ hour intake and 24 - 1 ½ hour group sessions that meet once weekly.

The atmosphere of the group is non-blaming, offering the opportunity for each member to take
ownership for his abusive behavior, take responsibility for his choices, and learn healthy non-controlling ways to resolve conflicts. Members are directed to focus on self and how they can remain non-abusive and create a safe environment for their partners and family. Participants who are referred by the court will be provided monthly progress reports and a completion letter at successful completion of the requirements. BIPP classes are provided at two locations:

Grand Prairie                                         
202 College Street, Grand Prairie, TX 75050

Participants must call to schedule initial intake session (972-264-0604).

Fees include:
• $50.00 for initial Intake
• $25.00 per session thereafter