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Why You Need an Experienced Aggressive Criminal Defense Lawyer

     We are passionate about your freedom! You know that your liberty is at stake, and you require an attorney who is compassionate and qualified to handle your particular case.  A reputable, experienced and trusted attorney will work very hard on your behalf. Since 1971, Dallas Criminal Defense Lawyer Gene Beaty has been highly effective as a Texas criminal defense attorney. Gene Beaty obtains the best possible outcomes for all his clients and has continued to do so for over 35 years.

     Being charged with a crime -- whether major or minor -- is a serious matter. A person facing criminal charges risks severe penalties and consequences, such as jail time, having a criminal record, and loss of relationships and future job prospects, among other things. While some legal matters can be handled alone, a criminal arrest of any nature warrants the legal advice of a qualified criminal defense attorney who can protect your rights and secure the best possible outcome for your case.

     If you're facing criminal prosecution, a criminal defense attorney can help you understand (1) the nature of the charges filed; (2) any available defenses; (3) what plea bargains are likely to be offered; and (4) what is expected after trial or conviction. A criminal defense attorney understands criminal law and can do a number of things to benefit you even before the commencement of a criminal trial. For example, a criminal defense attorney can:

      ü  Challenge your arrest in instances where police officers did not act completely within the law

ü  Argue in favor of your being released on a reduced bail or

ü  Negotiate plea bargains with prosecutors

ü  Analyze the strengths and weaknesses of your case and discuss with you the pros and cons of going to trial

ü  Go over the advantages and disadvantages of pleading guilty

 We are the right one to call to protect you or your loved one when criminal prosecution threatens your freedom, your future employment, or your income!

 Gene Beaty is the proven defense expert you want:

ü  To protect your freedom and your reputation!

ü  To avoid arrests or allegations by preventing them from ever being filed!

ü  Avoid grand-jury indictments and trials!

ü  Win even the most complex judge or jury trials!

ü  To clear criminal arrest records!


EARLY INTERVENTION caused investigations to be closed with no arrest, no jail time, no bond to pay, and no charges to appear on a criminal background check!


Hired even after the accused had already been arrested, we intervened and no charges were filed on his client!


By presenting persuasive representations to the State’s Attorney or Grand Jury, Gene Gene Beaty stopped the prosecution, ending the charges and freeing his clients from prosecution.


We will dig deep to gather facts and evidence to clear you of the charges. We have fought these sorts of cases before and won often, so we are the attorney you need.  We investigate to discover if the police used any illegal search or arrest procedures.  If this is so, your case could possibly get thrown out of court.


Hired even after the accused had already been charged before the court, we still established innocence before trial: "Case Dismissed!" or the charges were reduced.


This experienced criminal trial lawyer used aggressive trial strategies, experience and expertise to wins trials!


We “expunge” every case we can (clearing them completely off the criminal background), permitting clients to even deny the arrests!


Call Gene Beaty to clean your criminal background!